Baiju Thittala Varkey: Indian origin old hat politician who seeks re-election as councillor from Chesterton again emerges frontrunner in the race

Baiju Thittala Varkey needs no introduction among natives of East Chesterton.

  The councillor, who is also a solicitor at a Cambridge law firm, is popular among the mass. His appeal stems from his social activities and its no surprise that there’s a buzz around him amid his re-election bid.

Indian origin Varkey, who has been living in Cambridge since 2004 with his wife and three kids, has emerged as a frontrunner to win the election.

A graduate from Anglia Ruskin University, he was elected for two years as an East Chesterton councillor in 20218 Cambridge City Council by-election.

As a politician, known for espousing humanitarian causes, he has worked extensively on a range of local and city-wide issues such as Black Lives Matter and issues for nurses, refugees, student accommodation, protection of tenants’ rights, and housing matters, to create a fairer society for everyone.

In his words, these causes act as a drive for him to move ahead to fight for various sections of the society.

“I have also campaigned on many other social and political issues with East Chesterton’s hard-working Labour team, Cllr Gerri Bird, Cllr Carla McQueen and County Council Deputy Leader Elisa Meccini,” Varkey told

The politician further spoke about his pledge to turn his visions into realities.

“If elected again as a councillor for East Chesterton, where there are a significant number of social houses, my priority would be to bring more effective policies for social housing issues such as cutting down on the waiting time for housing repairs; and tackling overcrowding. Everyone knows that Cambridge has become very expensive to live in. It is vital to build more houses in Cambridge in order to create affordable housing in the social housing sector,” he added.

According to him, the case of immigrant nurses, who work at Cambridge University Hospitals and in the private care sector, needs to be addressed.

Their plight has become a priority subject for Varkey.

“Nurses have started leaving Cambridge, which threatens to lead to a situation of a shortage of nurses to look after our sick and elderly people.  Locally, I will also campaign for a commitment to reducing the speed limit to 20 mph on Elizabeth Way. Furthermore, I commit to work to reduce anti-social behaviours and dangerous driving across East Chesterton,” the politician pointed out.

 For his commitment to work on these civic issues and going by his past performance, Varkey looks all set to win the contest this time again. Again, his re-election can be a source of joy for NRIs, who have been commanding respect even from native Britons because of their credentials and commitment to work for the growth of British society.

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