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Beauty is-

The quality that gives pleasure to the sight, but

The aesthetic approach based on the sight ,

The sight finds the beatitude by its vision ,and

The vision is entirely on one’s own thoughts.!

Beauty is –

A word which can be interpreted in many ways,

A thing of beauty can be joy or sorrow,

A  polemic term which can be disputed, and

A discrete outlook by different individuals.

Beauty is-

The ethnic  conception which define a race,

The enigma of mind set is a belief of the past ,

The age old  ornamental set of norms and

The privileges  which beauty claims cannot be denied.!

Beauty is-

The deadliest sword which wounded many hearts

Emperors fought among to win a beauty,

The  mirage which brought down many kingdoms and

The racist element divided many.

Beauty is-

A long story from ancient civilizations

The ornate mummies returned from pyramids

Hailing the beauty of Cleopatra..!

The scale which measures beauty differ

Let the inhibitions fall as you sing an elegy {funeral song}

As ….,the beauty of death is beyond beautiful.!


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