Bitterly Sweet Vacation After Pandemic

Summer vacation is the greatest time of the year, much freedom, great time with friends and relatives, just to do what you want.

But this time when we were traveling after 3 years due to the pandemic , we had a mixed feeling – excitement at the same time , a feeling of fear about what changes we will see, whether we will be able to adjust or cope up with the current scenario. Grandparents were thrilled to meet their children and grandchildren. They had been in touch with their children and grandchildren through video calls for the past three years. But they have missed the feeling of care, exchanging experiences with grandchildren, cooking special local delicacies for them, playing indoor games, giving their little ones money for pulling out their grey hair. This time when I went I realized our kids have lost their emotions, they have forgotten how to interact with friends and relatives, they no longer like Indian homemade recipes, they are more inclined to junk food, they are glued to electronic gadgets, they no longer talk, play with their grandparents, it’s sad! But we being the parents have to bring our children back to normal life so that next time when they visit their native country they don’t act as robots rather transform into soulful human beings full of emotions. It’s sad to see us laughing at emoji and gifs but not enjoying the jokes cracked by friends and relatives. My father said he has been receiving lessons on the right type of emoji to use., a thumbs-up emoji apparently makes him a boring person but  he adds to it that he belongs to the last generation  before computers came into scene. 

All humans crave personal interaction, touch, novelty and excitement so hopefully in few months’ time we will gradually get back to our old lively habits. This particular vacation after pandemic was a boon or a blessing I can’t say but i can say it’s a lesson for us to change for a better life.

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