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Cash Withdrawals From ATMs Are Now Subject To Fees.

ATM Withdrawal: When taking money out of an ATM operated by a different bank, users must pay a fee.

We are providing you with details regarding the fees that leading banks charge.

Fees for ATM withdrawals: Customers frequently receive net banking and a debit card, or ATM card, when they create an account at any bank.

These days, most people would rather take out an ATM withdrawal than visit a bank to get cash.

Account holders are able to withdraw cash from any ATM operated by another bank, but it’s important to remember that different institutions have set limits on the number of free transactions that can be made from ATMs operated by other banks.

What is the cost of withdrawing cash from an ATM?

The Reserve Bank of India directed banks to impose a transaction fee of Rs. 21 on clients in June 2022, on top of the monthly ATM card price. It is important to remember that customers receive their first five ATM transactions from your bank free of charge. In contrast, other banks in urban areas have a three-transaction cap.

In non-metropolitan areas, however, there is a five-dollar withdrawal cap. In the event that you make more withdrawals than this, a maximum fee of Rs 21 will be charged. This regulation is now in force as of January 1, 2022.

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