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Check Tech Now : let’s know what is The Synopsis Chip Design Centre At Dlf Tech Park.

Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Union Minister of State for Electronics and IT, Entrepreneurship and Skill Development, and Jal Shakti, will open Synopsys’ Chip Design Center at DLF Tech Park in Noida.

The Senior Leadership, Staff, Partners, and Customer Delegates of Synopsys will hear a special speech from the Minister during this occasion.

Synopsys, which was founded in 1986, revolutionized the process of creating digital designs from linguistic specifications by popularizing logic synthesis. This capacity accelerated the shift from Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to Electronic Design Automation (EDA), allowing Moore’s Law-compliant scaling of digital complexity.

Synopsys has steadily increased the range of products it offers and its share of the market by investing heavily in R&D and making almost 120 calculated acquisitions. As a key player in the advancement of digital chips within the technological ecosystem, Synopsys is a well-known brand in EDA today. With a $5.9 billion sales contribution, Synopsys provides a broad range of design portfolios, from silicon to software.

Synopsys is one of the major players in the industry, leading the market in both EDA tools and Interface, Foundation, & Physical IPs. Exhibiting faith in the design capabilities of Indians, Synopsys has built the country’s second-largest design center outside of its main office. There are about 6,000 Indian engineers working out of this hub, making up 27% of their global design team. While 20% of VLSI/chip designers worldwide are undoubtedly Indian, Synopsys’ growing presence in Noida, where it first employed 1650 experts, is noteworthy.

Honorable Prime Minister Modi’s vision, which emphasizes that “Design in India is as crucial as Make in India,” is being realized as the country moves forward. Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar is presently carrying out and promoting this goal through a number of projects.

The India Semiconductor Research Center (ISRC), the Digital India RISC-V (DIR-V) Program, and SemiconIndia FutureDESIGN are a few of these.

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