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Dirty Canvas

Dirty Canvas

Dirty Canvas

Child fisher,

crossing the paddy field, lame,

wearing naked muddy boot,

handful of Common carp

Kept Inside the colocasia leaves,

a sludgy stolen net-scarf of aunt,

Saw him over the ridge

whettening the tip of the pencil

When playing hide and seek

Panting to get a place to hide 

A shadow larger than mine(I)!

Peeping beyond the banyan tree

found  amid the bushes

With the protruded eyes!

Once, sleeping beside my dad

somebody came like a dream

The innocence pulled out of my cheeks

Switched on the light

The mirror shows 

Printed pimples with reddish paint!

One day, playing with my village friends

in the cerosine colored Pond water

Screaming out of the fish bites

A stain is swimming through the water without any notice

Felt pity

perhaps some of the aquatics might have wounded

red-lines flowing through thigh

Oh…! Women!

Drawn a masculine face in the heart

Simultaneously painted white Jasmine blossoms beyond my smiling petels

Vivid sizes for the flattened belly

Nector sucking honeybees 

Sleeping over the breast


Myself a dirty canvas of the restless artist!



Red scribbles over the sclera

Extinguished the light of the youth

wrinkled  skin,dark cavities on teeth ridge

Painted silver over the head,

substituted golden for teeth

Alas! My achened body!

This artist is never getting aged

Transformation without fail

It is the turn to shed your eyes…

Jamshida Sameer(Gem-she) 

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