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Diwali Celebrates New Beginnings And The Triumph Of Good Over Evil.

Diwali Celebrates New Beginnings And The Triumph Of Good Over Evil.

Diwali Celebrates New Beginnings And The Triumph Of Good Over Evil.


India’s rich heritage, culture and vibrant traditions are reflected in its myriad festivals throughout the year. The festival that celebrates new beginnings, the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness, DIWALI….. just passed by. 

My CHILDHOOD-DIWALI memories are still intact in my mind. 

The main part of our diwali was always colourful rangoli, well-lit lamps, new clothes to wear and scrumptious food; what with all of my mother’s kheer, besan laddoos and of course the gujias, papdis and varities of mixtures ready for the occasion, well in advance?

From dozens of bright lights at my house entrance, to clay diyas and string lights distributed in each room of our home, the festive season was visible everywhere, from every nook and corner. The smell of incense, the acrid smell of burning crackers and the irresistible aromas coming from the kitchen are still vividly intact in my memory.The highlight of Diwali, which is the Laxmi puja, would be performed in the evening followed by a sumptuous dinner with the entire family sitting around the table and consuming all the delectables with merth and laughter.

This festival always brought the whole neighbourhood out to enjoy the scene of fireworks, bulbs flashing and flames flickering. And each one of us watched endlessly in wonder. Diwali gave us the gift of togetherness, happiness and teamwork….. and more than anything, it gave us beautiful memories that would last us a lifetime.

Interestingly, while most of the country associates Diwali festivities with bursting of crackers at sundown, in Tamil Nadu this happens by day, at the crack of dawn.

In West Bengal, this day is referred to as ‘Kali Puja’ to welcome the Goddess who is an embodiment of a dark and dynamic feminine force.

Belonging to Madhya Pradesh, born & brought up in Tamil Nadu, married into a Bengali family, and having lived in the middle-east, I have tasted the best of all of my worlds. Thank you God, for everything. I can go to bed peacefully, remembering the goood times and looking forward to yet another DIWALI, a festival that is a celebration of togetherness, of lights and of prosperity & love. It is a symbol of hope for humankind.

Sharing the wishes that I have read somewhere:

“Light a lamp of love,

Shoot a rocket of prosperity,

Fire a flowerpot of happiness….”

I am sure you and your family had a sparkling, spectacular, colourful and sweet DIWALI.

Sudha Mukhopadhyay

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