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Dream Man: The Best Choice of Your Life

Dream Man: The Best Choice of Your Life

Dream Man: The Best Choice of Your Life

The person who observes you with great care, with pleasure, loves you, appreciates you.

If the person doesn’t see the make-up on your face, but sees the depression and dark spots behind it, that person loves you.

The one who sees your mysterious crooked smile and knows that you are hiding something, keeps track of your actions,

Keep an eye on you behind your back.

Because the man loves you.

Instead of thinking of your silence as your weakness, he treasures your arrogance mixed with pride; he knows that you are very important to him.

So he is ready to melt your anger.

Whether you eat, whether you sleep at night,

Where have you been, the one who knows how to ask, knows how to love.

If he can’t find you online, the person who tries to call you several times to reach you, is very serious about you.

He can’t accept your absence.

His eyes are always looking for you.

He who hears your voice and understands your thoughts, you are not an option but you are the best to him.

He who listens to your messy words, loves you all.

Accepting all your craziness, petty complaints, insults, quarrels, sits by your side and holds your hand tightly,

That man wants to make you his lifelong companion, wants to keep you close to him.

Such people are actually the best choice, the best character in your life.

– Sarmistha Dey

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