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Everything is a capsule.

Everything is a capsule.

Everything is a capsule.

It was on the brink of a season

that had been exhausted by decades

in the clutches of time.

There are no holes in the ozone layer;

it’s just an ozone web,

like a torn and dirty spider’s web.

After searching for drinking water in many places,

there is none.

As he stood helpless,

a salesman came with a water capsule

that poked his eyes out.

Then someone came

with a rice capsule.

You have to pay money to get it,

even for a leafy shade tree.

As the coins become thicker,

even the unadulterated air of life

will accumulate inside the bottle.



and affection

with the threat of emotional damage

Violent justice,



and pulling legs
A time of bloodshed and anarchy

Times changed,

and appearance also changed.

Earth has her own destroyer human sons

turned into machine-headed humans!

Sindhu Gatha

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