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Fundamentals Of Neuroplasticity: Know It All Here

Fundamentals Of Neuroplasticity: Know It All

Fundamentals Of Neuroplasticity: Know It All

As we all know, our Brain is the Chief executive officer ‘CEO’ of our body. It is the most complex thing we have yet discovered in our universe.

These days, we often hear that it’s possible to ‘rewire our brain’ to attain happiness, peace, success, etc. But what does “rewiring our brain” actually mean? And how can it be done?

The old-school concept was that the brain becomes rigid and static during the adult stage, with no new brain cells (neurons) being generated. That’s why there was a myth that it would be difficult for us to learn new things and acquire new skills during the later stages of our lives. Conventional knowledge mistakenly led us to believe that.

Only in the last 30 years or so has research revealed demonstrable proof that the adult brain is not only capable of changing, but it does so continuously throughout life, in response to everything we do and every experience we have. This amazing feature is known as NEUROPLASTICITY, which is the inherent ability of the brain to change and reorganise itself in response to learning and experience.

This can only mean one thing: no one is going to be too old to learn new tricks or develop new habits because newly generated brain cells (neurons) will always be there to make it happen.


There are many benefits of brain neuroplasticity in allowing our brain to adapt and change, this helps promote:

   Neuroplasticity has opened vast avenues of opportunities to reshape our brains and re-invent ourselves.


    Our brain has a “use it or lose it” function– if we do an action everyday at regular intervals and without fail, then our brain would eventually have to use its resiliency and adjust its configuration to make that task easier for us….. It affords us the privilege to learn from experiences in our environment, so that we may change our actions to produce much more desirable outcomes..

Our brain is the center of numerous possibilities, just like a cross roads leads to multiple pathways. So, it depends on us to choose the right path, to change our lives. It’s not where we’ve been, it’s where we choose to go next, and that counts.

Neuroplasticity is nothing but making all these happen.

The potential it is offering us to improve the quality of our lives is seemingly limitless bounded only by our own mindset, full focus, repeated practice and our willingness to take up the challenge of improving our quality of life.

This means–we can re-invent our brains through the choices we make on how we want to respond to the things we interact with.

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