How do I beat procrastination?

I was once among those people who would think for days or weeks about completing, nay, starting something that really needed to get done. This would lead to delays, incomplete work, missed payments, increasing waistline (yes, I procrastinated about starting workout and healthy diets too) and whatnot. Procrastination is the biggest enemy to productivity. It decreases not only the quantity of work done but the quality as well. Below is the list of things I did to overcome the habit of procrastination and reduce it to a great extent:

After a year, I am still procrastinating on some tasks. But all in all, I have improved my performance at work, have almost completed my post-graduation, improved my health (lost around 11 kgs and several inches), and now I get my work done more often than not. My credit score has improved a lot because I pay my bills on time. A lot has changed. And now I get appreciated more at work because they know that if I take up a task, it is going to get done – on time. Signing off now. 

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