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“How the Great Indian Fashion Inspires the World”

Indian fashion is as varied, promising, and stunning as the subcontinent itself. By 2030, the world’s most populous country could be one of the world’s top three economies. The era of Western aesthetics, long dominated by the British, has ended. Young Indian designers are extremely popular worldwide. They combine exceptional craftsmanship with innovative ideas.

Rahul Mishra, a designer, was recently celebrated in Paris. His most recent collection at the Spring/Summer 2024 Haute Couture Week was a success. The Indian designer is a frequent attendee at prestigious fashion industry events. We met Rahul Mishra exclusively behind the scenes at his show in Paris last summer and in his workshop near Delhi.

The textile industry is a source of national pride and has long been linked to India’s struggle for independence. Mahatma Gandhi’s fight for India’s independence is associated with handwoven fabric. People in the country continue to discuss the thread that led to freedom. The spinning wheel is still depicted in the centre of the Indian flag.

During an exclusive visit to India’s Fashion Queen Ritu Beri’s home in Delhi, she discusses the significance of the textile and fashion industries for India’s self-confidence and progress to this day. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently convened a commission comprised of the country’s most prominent designers to promote the country’s image globally through Indian fashion.

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