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IIT Bombay: Now 93.9% Of Students Get The Job Offer.

Claims that thirty percent of IIT Bombay students are still unemployed have been denied.

Reports claiming that thirty percent of students had not yet secured placements were refuted by IIT Bombay on Thursday.

The top engineering institute stated in a tweet that only 6.1% of students who will graduate in 2022–2023 are still hunting for work, according to an exit poll.It was revealed on Wednesday that 712 students, or an astounding 36% of the roughly 2,000 students who enrolled for the 2024 placements, still had not secured employment. According to the released exit poll, 57.1 percent of students were placed, 12.2 percent chose to pursue advanced degrees, and 10.3 percent desired employment outside of IIT-B.

Additionally, the poll revealed that 8.3% of students stated they intended to pursue careers in public service, 1.6% in start-ups, and 4.3% were unsure.

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