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In light of the flooding, the Indian Embassy in the UAE has issued a new travel advice that you need to know.

The busiest airport in the world for international travel, Dubai, found it difficult to clear a backlog of planes following Tuesday’s deluge.

Following heavy rains this week, the desert city of Dubai experienced unprecedented flooding. As a result, the Indian embassy in the United Arab Emirates advised Indian travelers arriving at or departing from Dubai International Airport to reschedule non-essential travel until operations resumed on Friday, April 19.

Two days after a record storm dumped a year’s worth of rain in one day, Dubai, a city proud of its modern shine, is faced with the daunting chore of clearing its waterlogged roadways and drying out flooded homes.

The busiest international airport in the world, Dubai International Airport, was having trouble clearing a backlog of flights, and several roads remained flooded as a result of Tuesday’s flooding.

The advisory from the embassy stated that although the UAE authorities were working continuously to guarantee the return to normalcy of operations, passengers were advised to arrive at the airport “only after” receiving final confirmation from their respective airlines regarding the flight schedule and departure date.

The notice also stated that the Dubai International Airport has temporarily restricted the number of inbound flights owing to disruptions caused by exceptional weather earlier this week in the United Arab Emirates.

Within twenty-four hours, Dubai International Airport intended to resume its regular schedule.“Inbound Indian passengers traveling to or transiting through Dubai International Airport are advised to reschedule non-essential travel until operations normalize,” added the message.

The Consulate General of India in Dubai has operationalized emergency helpline lines, which have been operational since April 17, to assist Indian people at the Dubai International Airport.The Dubai to/from flight of Air India is canceled.India said that it would be canceling its flights to and from Dubai because of operational issues brought on by the nonstop rain.

On Friday, the airline announced that it was making an effort to seat impacted passengers on flights as soon as business as usual resumed.It further stated that customers who purchased tickets for flights with validity through April 21 will receive full reimbursements for cancellations and a one-time waiver on rescheduling.We regret to notify you that flights to and from Dubai have been canceled owing to ongoing operational issues at Dubai Airport.

As soon as operations resume, we will try our best to rebook affected clients on flights and get them on their way. On social networking platform X, Air India announced that “customers booked on our flights with valid tickets for travel until April 21, 2024 will be offered a one-time waiver on rescheduling and full refunds for cancellation.”

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