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Indians to have Schengen Visa compulsory to fly UK on EU airlines.

The UK visa guidelines come to force for Indian citizens who want to fly to the UK through European Union airlines, needed Schengen visas. The UK is no more part of the European Union. Post-Brexit, it has made it compulsory for non-EU citizens to get a transit Schengen visa.

It’s mandatory now onwards for Indian citizens to have a Schengen visa to fly with EU flights. People-to-people ties are one of the cornerstones of the US-India relationship. In 2019, 15 million Indian visitors traveled to the United States, and Americans are now the second-largest group of foreign citizens visiting India.

Non-EU citizens can fly to the UK without transit or regular Schengen visa only through non-stop flights or by one-stop flights only through Gulf countries or Switzerland. The EU rule does not apply to Switzerland as it is not a member of the Union. After India continued to schedule international flights, foreign airlines have started offering one-stop connections between India and the rest of the world.

Last year, Air India introduced non-stop flights between India and the UK. Following the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the one-stop business has also increased significantly.

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