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Isolation: Room for Silence

I am like the lonely tomb of the sad and isolated. 

Every now and then there is a fierce condemnation of false imaginations. 

The combination of artificial mechanics is now in my mind, manner and language. 

Since then spring has not brought a single flower for me. 

I just think about the meaning of life with a blank face. 

I feel pain because the promise will fail at some point.

Yet affection is practiced at home as a necessity of life. 

I sing the song of life again and again from fresh. 

Reluctantly wandering amongst all thoughts, still alone in my hidden pursuits. 

I rush to the border of dreamy happiness. 

The memories of the past are dimmed by the obsession of loneliness.

I do not know when I started loving the cursed loneliness. 

Today in the midst of chaos I still search for You, my lonely heart

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