Know It All: The Amazing Cycle Baba, Dr. Raj Phanden

Know It All: The Amazing Cycle Baba, Dr. Raj Phanden

Dr. Raj Phanden (Cycle Baba) from Bhuna (Fatehabad District), Haryana – India, on a mission titled – “Wheels for Green” also known as Cycle Baba, World Bicycle Traveler.

What inspired you to start  your mission” wheels for Green”?

It was overnight decision.

One night I had a dream and that very night I woke up and started researching on the subject of my dream. If I had slept that night after I have dreamt, my dream would have been washed out from my mind by next morning.

When did you start your cycling tour across the globe?

I started  cycling back in Sept.5 2016 from India to travel across the Globe creating awareness on Global warming,  Climate change and its effect on the human race.

What did you do to create awareness ?

Encouraged Plantation, Promote Ayurveda and Indian Culture.

How many countries did you cover by cycling? How many kilometers did you cover?

So far, I have covered 103 countries on my Bicycle in the last 7+ years. Bahrain is the 103rd country.I have covered almost more than One Lac kms in a time period of 7 Years on a bicycle. 

May I know before going on to this mission what other activities were you involved in?

I am an Ayurvedic doctor (M.D) by Education and have practiced almost for a decade in  Haryana, ran an Ayurvedic hospital and during that tenure I have noticed that people at very early age of 30-35 are prone to cancer disease and other life threatening conditions and are not taking Global Warming seriously.

What  was your mission initially?

Global Warming is the major reason behind it and making it even worse day by day. There is a need to spread awareness to protect the environment to ensure that the future generation has access to good health and a clean environment. To make people around the world aware of Global Warming, Climate Change, I have started my journey on 5th sep 2016 on a bicycle  to spread the message all over the world so that people can be more aware of the Clean Environment, Beginning my journey from my hometown, Bhuna a small village in the district of Fatehabad in Haryana.

May I know about your family.

My father did clerical job in a bank and he also did farming.

He passed away in 2015 . My mother passed away in 2014.My younger brother is a mechanical engineer and my sister is an advocate;both married and well settled.

What are the things you contribute  to the society?

On my visit to each and every country, I have planted almost lakhs of trees to create more awareness, interest and encourage the local people to do the same. I have also been conducting seminars in schools and colleges to create awareness to save our planet Earth and make it Greener with passing days. While doing the above mentioned works, I am also trying to spread the awareness of our ancient practice and the most effective treatment to all illness – Ayurveda amongst the youth, so that the upcoming generation is equipped with an understanding of how it works and prefer our indigenous treatment

In your journey how do you take your breaks , do you stay in hotels?

I am fortunate that I was born in India.

All over the world Indian diaspora has supported me a lot. I have stayed with many Indian families in different countries . In Africa  there were not a single country from where i didn’t get the support of Indian diaspora.without the support and help from Indian Embassy and diaspora , my journey wont have been possible.

What about breakdown of cycle in the middle of your journey?

Initially I faced lot of problems but now more than a doctor  I have become mechanic; I repair my own cycle..

What is your goal now ?

I will cover 125 countries by 2024 and in long run I will try to cover 200 UN listed countries.Next long journey will be Argentina to Alaska.

Best of luck for your ventures in future..

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