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Latest now : Priyanka Chopra Jonas makes sure To Keep The Indian Tradition Alive In The US.

Global celebrity Priyanka Chopra resides in Los Angeles, California, with her spouse, Nick Jonas. It appears, nevertheless, that you can remove the Desi girl from India but not the ”desi girl from India.

When Priyanka Chopra dated and then married Nick Jonas, she dispelled all the myths around age differences. The power couple is ten years apart in age.

Priyanka preserves Indian customs and culture.

On every major occasion, whether it’s the launch of her new restaurant, the arrival of her baby, or something entirely else, Priyanka Chopra plans a puja. Priyanka and Nick recently had a puja at their Los Angeles residence following the discharge of their daughter Malti from the hospital. Malti was born early, so the couple used surrogacy to welcome her in January, but she had to stay in the hospital.

Priyanka Chopra endeavors to enlighten Westerners about India, emphasizing that a great deal of misconception exists about the country. They think we have maharajas, elephants, and snake charmers only. We have the greatest medical, IT, and educational technologies available. Who is going to instruct on this? Everything about our culture, our customs, and our roots is very positive. She attempts to maintain it there since she believes in them.

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