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Life Goals: How To Be In Focus?

Life Goals: How To Be In Focus?

Life Goals: How To Be In Focus?

It is said that we’re all born to do something in our lives; all of us can’t do it all the same, but all of us have a motive in our lives that we all dream of fulfilling.

But unfortunately, there are several things that distract us from the original purpose of our lives. The distractions can be of different types; they’re not just the materialistic things around you but also the relationships and people that you’re surrounded by.

Today, people’s preoccupation with others’ opinions distracts them from fulfilling their true motives, leading them to prioritise satisfying others’ desires and discussions.

Today, all we think about doing is making up for people we do not even know about, even if they’re strangers. Taking an example: we’re just sitting somewhere alone with a bunch of strangers around, but even if they are just strangers to us, all we’ll think is: is that person looking at me? Am I sitting the right way or not? Is there anything wrong with me? We almost always end up thinking about what others will say or think when they see this.

Because of all of this social anxiety, we tend to distract ourselves from the wants or desires we have dreamed of.

The people must overcome this in order to fulfil all their desires and have dreams about the future.

The generation we are in is all about our peers. We look for new friends, we socialise, and whenever there are plans to hang out, we just get into it. Those plans are never-ending; they don’t stop. Someday there’s a plan to party for someone’s birthday, the day after there’s a plan for an outing, and the cycle continues, but in between all of this, we forget about what we’ve missed that required our attention to make things that have been planned for the future a success.

All this is what I’ve experienced, and it’s all a part of the generation that I live in or am a part of. No doubt this generation is the most intellectual one and is excelling in all ways possible, but as we all know, there’s always a setback to something that shines.

A live example of sacrificing one’s own dreams for the sake of family members. The father might not feel that this particular career is right for my child, even though it is the thing that the child has been most passionate about.

There are multiple things that our parents won’t agree to; it might be due to the gender gap or even because of the risk to your future and career.

It is important that the parents ask their child what his desires are from life rather than just pressuring the child with all the expectations that the parents couldn’t fulfil.

Being distracted or driven away from the desires of your life or the thing that is considered the only outcome of your life is a whole lot of reason to get into the stuff that the parents don’t approve of.

The parents need to understand that if they just let their child decide for himself what he needs from his life, it will eventually make the life of the parents easier, as the child will definitely find a way to work things out for him.

But pressuring the child won’t help!!!!!!!

It is a saying that in order to achieve the goals that you desire, you need to sacrifice the things that come in the way of them, and that is what this generation needs to keep in mind.

These distractions will always look tempting; they can be anything, even the minute thing that you would not have even thought of: hanging out with friends, giving all your time to your partners, wasting time scrolling social media, and a lot more.

I’ll again say that all of these findings are based on me and all that I have observed in my surroundings; these couldn’t be neglected.

One more thing that is to be kept in mind is that we all know that we aren’t machines; we just can’t focus on one thing for 24 hours. That’s a fact, which is why what we should prefer doing at that time is that we should look for jobs that are part-time, which will also help us to be financially independent and not dependent on our parents.

Being financially independent would also convince the parents that yes, at least the child is earning; he might not be earning much, but while figuring out the future, the child is on his own and is taking things by himself.

We’ve also seen that the students think that if studying isn’t their interest or they don’t want to pursue studying as a career, then they’re just wasting time studying. We have even observed this in students who have just passed high school.

Following your dreams doesn’t mean you do not need to complete your education. Education is an important thing, and at least being a graduate is important so that you can say that yes, I am an educated person and I’m not pursuing my career in studies.

Rather than saying that I don’t have a career in studies, I won’t do it, and I’ll just be doing what I feel is my choice of interest.

If you’re educated enough, then you can obviously think of doing anything that is not related to your career in studies.

But being educated, earning for yourself, and then following your dreams as a career is a lot better than just putting all your parents money into something that might not even work for you in the future. You know you should always have a plan B; your plan A is always considered your dreams, but if that doesn’t work out for you even after all the hustle, then you’ll have your education to just do it for your living.

Which is why it is important to be educated first.

Demanding the freedom to choose everything in your life from your parents will only come if you already have something in your life, but if you’re just a person who has figured it all out and is still dependent on his parents for everything, you won’t really convince the parents to give you even the slightest freedom.

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