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New Davos Dispatch—The Greek House at The World Economic Forum In 2024

Greek Residence Davos has established itself as an important participant at the World Economic Forum annual meeting, allowing the country to increase its engagement and visibility at this prestigious global gathering. The initiative, led by its founder, Irene Vantaraki, has been instrumental in advancing Greece’s economic and cultural interests on a global scale.

Greek House Davos serves as a vital link between Greek business leaders, politicians, and influencers and their global counterparts. This platform is more than just a meeting place; it is a dynamic environment for fostering dialogues, collaborations, and partnerships that will last far beyond the duration of the forum. Vantaraki has been instrumental in this process, stating, “It was our duty to systematize our presence in the framework of the World Economic Forum to highlight the comparative advantages of Greek companies further and to contribute decisively to the realization of beneficial partnerships.”

Vantaraki has used Greek House Davos as a platform to effectively champion Greece’s interests as a passionate advocate for her country. Her efforts have been critical in reshaping perceptions of Greece, whether it is promoting Greece as a destination for sustainable tourism, a hub for technological innovation, or a country with a vibrant cultural scene.

The influence of the Greek House of Davos is multifaceted. It raises Greece’s profile in global economic discussions, shifting the focus from past economic challenges to current and future opportunities. By highlighting Greece’s economic reforms, growth sectors, and rich cultural heritage, Greek House Davos attracts international attention and investment. It also plays an important role in cultural diplomacy, promoting a positive image of Greece as a centre of innovation and creativity.

Greek House also fills a critical gap by allowing Greek entrepreneurs and businesses to enter the global business stage, which is critical for their growth and internationalization. Vantaraki emphasized the importance of this aspect, emphasizing the need for Greek businesses to embrace international opportunities, such as the one between the Greek startup ‘Viva Wallet’ and J.P. Morgan.

Other CEOs and leaders around the world have taken notice. The Futurum Group’s CEO, Daniel Newman, will speak at a number of events, but this is the most important,” said Nati Katz, VP of Media and Communications at The Futurum Group. “The week’s agenda is jam-packed, but CEO Newman’s meeting with The Greek House stands out. “We are extremely honoured to be a part of the Greek House’s exceptional program, which is designed to create and sustain high-profile partnerships. Bringing decision-makers and influential organizations together can result in productive and effective exchanges that have an impact on cultural, business, and economic environments.”

Greek Residence Through its initiatives and strategic positioning at the World Economic Forum, Davos has significantly raised Greece’s international profile. Its contribution goes beyond mere representation; it actively shapes global economic and cultural narratives, positioning Greece on the world stage as a dynamic and forward-thinking nation. Irene Vantaraki’s vision and efforts were instrumental in this achievement, which marks a new chapter in Greece’s global economic and cultural diplomacy.

Speakers, influencers, business leaders, and global political leaders will be on the agenda, but on a larger stage in 2024. More from Davos in the coming weeks as the Annual Forum approaches on January 15–19, 2024.

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