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New: Researchers Are Invited To Submit Proposals To The Indian Council Of Social science.

Science Research Indian Council of Social Science Research: Starting on April 22, researchers can submit their proposals online by visiting the ICSSR website, where they can also find the application form.

On April 22, the application form will be made available on the ICSSR website, where researchers can submit their suggestions.

The submission window closes on May 31.Candidates must fill out the online application, attach the required paperwork, and submit the research proposal in the format required. Furthermore, within ten days after the online submission deadline, hard copies of the application and annexures, certified by the appropriate university, college, or institute, must be supplied.

Project durations range from eight to twelve months, with the potential for extension depending on relevance and performance.

Pay and benefits for project personnel:

Throughout the course of the research project, the project director is able to assign project personnel to either a full-time or part-time position.The project director will decide how much they will be paid each month for their work, taking into account the available funds and ICSSR standards.

Pay and qualifications:

A research associate’s remuneration is Rs 47,000 per month.

*The requirements include a minimum of a 55% grade point average in a postgraduate social science program, a NET, MPhil, or PhD, and two years of research experience.The remuneration of a research assistant is Rs. 37,000 per month.

*A PhD, MPhil, or postgraduate degree in a social scientific field with at least 55% of the possible points is required for qualification.*Field Investigator: Rs 20,000 per month, up to a maximum of six months.

*A master’s degree in a social science field with at least 55% of the possible points is one requirement.

Among the sub-themes and research themes are:

Sustainability and economic prosperity.

A. Regional Development and Natural Resources

Practices of Sustainable Agricultural Techniques for Promoting Geographical Indications (GIs)

Nutrition and food Security

Ai in Rural Development and Agriculture Innovations in Agritech for Northeastern Livelihood Research

B. Financial Well-being

Blue and green economies

India’s Place in International Finance and Trade

The Potential of the Global Service Sector:

Infrastructure, Logistics, and Industry 4.0Travel, Employment, and Ecological Progress Resilient employment and rural Development Green Cities and Manufacturing Technology

Good Leadership:

Bharat Vishwa Mitra:

India’s Place in the World Economy

People-to-people communication and creative collaboration

Strategic Collaboration

National Security

B. Law and Governance, India The European Economic Corridor

The Bhartiya Inclusive Governance Model:

Reforms to the Constitution, Laws, and Judiciary

Court Administration, Disaster Recovery, and the Development of Sustainable Infrastructure

Expanding Local Self-Governance Law Enforcement Reforms

Investigation, Original Thought, and Creation Innovation and Technology:

Novel Approaches to Social Development Availability of inexpensive, clean Energy

Building resilient eco-systems and embracing digital Transformation Solar

Expedition Waste to Wealth in Cybersecurity Encouraging Startups

Ecosystem Innovation and Development of Indigenous Technology

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