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Now You Know : The States With Highest Eligible Candidates For JEE Advance 2024.

JEE Advanced 2024: The region-wise distribution of candidates showed a considerable disparity, according to a thorough review of the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main Qualification Data.

Just six states accounted for 54% of the 2.5 lakh applicants who passed the IIT entrance exam, according to a TNN report. The study clarified the regional disparity in competitive examinations in India.Significant trends that emphasize the need for a more equitable system have been revealed by the Joint Entrance Exams (JEE) Main and Advanced rounds.

The JEE is a gateway to prestigious engineering institutions like the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), National Institutes of Technology (NITs), and other government-funded technology institutes (GFTIs). According to the report’s data analysis, just ten percent of successful candidates came from these ten states.With its strict selection procedure, the JEE Advanced is a tough test for candidates all throughout India.

Candidates must place in the top 2.5 lakh in the JEE Main to be eligible for this exclusive exam. From there, they fight for about 17,000 spots in the esteemed IITs.

The TNN report’s data indicates that Telangana, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh have emerged as the front-runners, accounting for over 30% of all qualified candidates. With almost 28,300 eligible candidates, Uttar Pradesh is in the lead. Maharashtra and Telangana come in second and third, with 24,500 and 24,100 candidates, respectively.

A considerable percentage of applicants in these three states are qualified for the JEE Advanced Only 28% of candidates increased their marks in the JEE Main Session 2 exam after registering for both the January and April sessions of the exam, which also acts as an admission exam for technical institutions financed by the state and federal governments.

Moreover, reports stated that there were more than 21,000 candidates in five states, including Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh. In addition, 14.1 lakh applicants applied for JEE (Main) this year; of those, over 75% took part in both sessions, yielding an overall attendance rate of 96%.

It is important for candidates to know that the JEE Advanced registration period will close on May 7, 2024.

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