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Pearl of Gulf: Dubai continues to draw Indians; here are 7 factors that make the city irresistible

Known as the ‘pearl of the gulf’, Dubai has over the years emerged as the one-stop destination for Indian diaspora.

The city of rich and effluent, it has established itself as one of the happiest countries to live in for residents and ex-pats. Strategically located Dubai has the best of both worlds.  

Its proximity to the Indian sub-continent is a motivating factor for an expat to make that decision to relocate to Dubai, which has been a favourite destination for Indian professionals.

Most of them are either blue-collar workers or professionals employed in traditional industries such as banking, retail, finance and construction. New-age businesses, including eCommerce companies, media agencies, are coming up in the city.

So how is life in Dubai for Indian diaspora? Here are facts that you should know about the city

1) Tax Laws: This is sure to be the biggest charm of Dubai. It is one of the very few countries in the world which has no income tax.

2) Money Transfer: Dubai is a destination for money transfer, Indian are the biggest lot when it comes to foreign exchange transfer. Since it is a tax-free transfer, you will find a bevy of people outside exchange houses at the start of the month.

3) Passport: UAE government has passed a law stating that the employers cannot withhold any employees passport, unlike the 80s & 90s.Employees have their passport at their disposal and have the freedom to travel.

4) Visa Process: It is quite simple and hassle-free. Dubai has one of the easiest visa processing. In fact, their government offices are ranked on the customer services they provide and are judged on a happiness meter. It has

5) Distance By Air:  The average flying hour from Dubai to major cities in India is about 2.5 to 3 hrs. Since there are many airlines which fly out of Dubai you will easily find a flight at any time of the day at the most reasonable fare. Most companies include a family return ticket in your yearly package.

6) Expenses: An can manage a decent lifestyle with a budget of about AED 7000 for a month. This includes rental, car, food bills and basic utilities. If someone plans to move there with a family, he/she needs to add about 2000 Aed to living cost. Unlike other western countries, Dubai has the flexibility to hire cheap labour.

7) Housing: Dubai offers a vast choice of housing options from studios to Villas. Expats can choose to reside in a culturally ingrained area like Karama or an upbeat are towards new Dubai like Jumeirah.

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