Poetry, Spreading Fragrance Of Love And Harmony Sans Borders

Poetry, Spreading Fragrance Of Love And Harmony Sans Borders

Sadaqatu Dosti Ka

Poems of friendship were recited by poets from India and Bahrain in the Multilingual Poetry Meet “Sadaqatu Dosti Ka,” hosted at the Embassy of India in Bahrain.

The event, organised in association with Khwabgaah as part of the Golden Jubilee of Diplomatic Relations, saw the attendance of more than 150 members of the Indian and Bahraini communities, including poets, writers, and authors.

Ambassador Piyush Srivastava honoured the poets and congratulated them for their presentation.

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Ambassador Srivastava and Madam Mrs. Monika Srivastava were the chief guests.

The event began with a welcome speech by Mrs. Anupam Ramesh Kinger, followed by a lamp-lighting ceremony conducted by the Second Secretary of State for Political Affairs and invited poets.

The program, “Sadaqatu Dosti Ka,”  which ran for about one and a half hours, featured eight outstanding poets from India and Bahrain, who recited their original poetry in English, Hindi, and Arabic.

During this poetry session, poets Mr. Hameed Al Qaed, Mrs. Nivedita Roy, Dr. Mrs. Nabila Zubari, Ms. Parvinder Kaur, Mr. Sudeep Deshpande, Mrs. Fatima Mohsen, Ms. Kaavya Ranjith, Mrs. Manar Al Sammak, and Mrs. Saira Ranj were honoured.

The programme began with a name quite well known in Bahraini literary circles; he is a poet, novelist, writer, and translator. A bilingual author who has three published novels to his credit and has just launched his first short story collection, Mr. Hameed Al Qaed, recited his poem in Arabic and translated it into English by himself.

Next was a bilingual poet, a teacher by profession, Mrs. Nivedita Roy, who recited her poem in Hindi and had it translated into English by Mrs. Anupam Rakesh Kinger.

Born right here in Manama, Bahrain, and holding a doctorate in education, this University Professor has been a part of various publications. Dr. Mrs. Nabila Zubari recited her poem in Arabic, with an English translation by Ms. Sahira Ranj.

An English poem was recited by Ms. Parvinder Kaur, a talented young poet and HR manager.

Mr. Sudeep Deshpande is an architect, painter, and sculptor. He is best known for his abstraction in paintings and their architectural interpretations; he recited his poem in Hindi, which Mrs. Anupam Ramesh Kinger translated into English.

Arabic poet Mrs. Fatima Mohsen, who runs workshops and programmes for prestigious organisations such as the Abdul Rahman Kanoo Cultural Center, the Ministry of Education, and the Public Libraries Department, recited her poem in Arabic with an English translation by Ms. Saira Ranj.

This Gen Z spoken word artist, Ms. Kaavya Ranjith, has performed on three continents. She has received national recognition in India for her writing and runs poetry boot camps around the world. She recited her poem in English. 

Mrs. Manar Al Sammak is a feminist and activist who is a quiet, unassuming poet and storyteller. Mrs. Manar Al Sammak, a member of various cultural and arts organisations, recited her poem in Arabic with an English translation by Ms. Saira Ranj.

The poetry recitation ended with Mrs. Anupama Ramesh Kinger, founder of Khwabgah, reciting an enthralling Hindi poem.

As the programme came to a close, HE Ambassador Mr. Piyush Srivastava felicitated the poets with deep respect and commended the programme greatly, giving the event high respect.

Mrs. Anupam Ramesh Kinger concluded the programme with a thank-you note.

The poetry session continued for about one and a half hours with more than 125 audiences, and all the viewers were mesmerised and thoroughly enjoyed the poetry session “Sadakatu Dosi ka.”

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