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Recalling childhood

Time has passed

I have taken up the role of a mother

But still somewhere within me resides a child 

Though the time has passed

I’m recalling all those things

That life saw fit to give me.

Today I cherish those days in my thoughts

Whenever i wish to see

The teachers had to see

What you wanted to do.

One finger up for pee;

held up two for poo

Measles mumps chicken pox 

Were common in our every year box

Nancy drew, hardy boys 

was our crazy attraction 

Of our brain box

Returning from school

Sometimes Cotton candies and Kulfies

And sometimes mouth-watering paani puries and jhal muries

That was our everyday rule

Climbing walls, climbing trees

Stealing mangoes, plucking flowers

From the neighbour’s garden

Were the things we loved to do.

Getting bruised knees?

That was nothing new!

Computers, cell phones,

Play-stations, video games… 

They never occupied our mind hopscotch, hide and seek 

were the games of our kind.

I really don’t understand the world so new

Have our kids stopped growing today?

If time machines were really true,

I should know where it will lead to…

– Sarmistha Dey 

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