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Revealing: The Vande Bharat Passengers Will Not Longer Get The 1 Litre Water Bottle, here’s what You Need To Know

In order to accommodate shorter trips, Indian Railways is updating its Vande Bharat trains by giving passengers 500-ml Rail Neer bottles.

The IRCTC has released a new upgrade for rail passengers! As per the latest update from Indian Railways, instead of the standard 1 liter Rail Neer bottles that were previously issued, passengers on Vande Bharat trains will now receive 500 ml bottles.

This change is an attempt to reduce water waste and maximize resources more effectively.A 500-ml Rail Neer Packaged Drinking Water (PDW) bottle will be given to each passenger on the Vande Bharat train. Additionally, travelers can ask the train attendants for a free additional 500-ml bottle.

It is anticipated that this endeavor will have a favorable impact on environmental preservation.This action is reminiscent of one that was taken on Shatabdi trains, where passengers were given 500-ml Rail Neer bottles rather than the bigger 1-liter ones, in recognition of the shorter water needs for trips that may last up to 8.5 hours.

Central Railways has been aggressively employing recycled water for coach and platform cleaning as part of a larger initiative to encourage water conservation.

Through 32 recycling units, the company harvests almost one crore gallons of recycled water per day.In addition, 158 areas have rainwater collection systems installed, and three automatic coach-washing operations have been established to further aid with water conservation efforts.

In addition, Central Railways has planted five lakh trees at various locations as part of massive afforestation programs to maintain and improve the regional ecology.

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