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There should be someone, if the bindi goes away from its postion

Like a mirror, he will say ‘the bindi is not in the centre.’

When kajal gets smudged there should be someone to correct it.

There should be someone who will call you from behind when you step out of the house and say “Be careful”

There should be someone, like the clock hands, he will be always close to me

If that someone finds me in anger, he will say “Green Leaf I love you.”

There should be someone, just not to rebuke for my wrong actions

But pull me close and say ‘silly girl,

take care to keep something good.’

There should be someone, like an open window he will show me the sky

He will say ‘Leave the address here

You become a bird.’

There should be someone whistling like wind

He will come near to my ear and whisper,’

“Don’t fall in love other than me”

There should be someone to lay the cool mat on the floor in the hot summer afternoon 

And say ‘I allow you to rest on my heart all my life”

There should be someone,   

partly let him be like himself and partly like me..  

-Sarmistha Dey 

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