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Suspect of Indian student’s murder in Canada arrested says police.

Kartik Vasudev, hailed from Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh, was just outside the Sherbourne subway station last Thursday when he was approached by a stranger. Without any reason this man shot Kartik multiple times, killing him on the spot,” Toronto police Service chief James Ramer told reporters. Why the cold-blooded murder happens on a fateful day.

Edwin’s second victim was Elijah Eleazar Mahepath (35), who was walking westbound on the north side of Dundas Street East near George Street, police said.

Ramer told the reporters that the suspect behind both the homicides was in police custody and described the incidents as “random attacks”. Sergeant Terry Browne of the Homicide Department, Toronto Police, said Kartik was shot multiple times and was in a defenseless position the whole time. “ The suspect that we are referring to for both shootings, has no criminal background. We are doing a very deep dive to find out his criminal background, to find out who is this person, where is he from, and who’s associating with.”

Ghaziabad, in Uttar Pradesh India, where Kartik’s father Jitesh Vasudev told reporters that he has been informed about the arrest of the culprit by the Canadian Police. The father said their demand for the suspect’s arrest has been fulfilled but expressed concern over the motive of the incident not being known. Vasudev says, “We have been informed by Canadian authorities that the body will be reaching Ghaziabad by Saturday. We will perform the last rites. We will go to Canada to follow up on the legal proceedings and ensure that the killer does not escape, or get away with small punishment.

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