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The Truth About Germany’s Newfound Love For Indian Students

The Truth About Germany's Newfound Love For Indian Students

The Truth About Germany's Newfound Love For Indian Students

Germany is looking at Indian students as a potential solution to its pressing labour shortage.

WFY BUREAU GERMANY: Germany is currently grappling with a pressing labour shortage and is considering Indian students as potential candidates to address this issue and prevent its industries from being severely impacted. A new law in Germany has increased the work time for international students, with Indians being the largest group affected by this change.

Germany’s Federal Statistical Office reports that there are approximately 43,000 Indian students currently enrolled in German universities. The number of Indian students in Germany for the winter semester of 2022–23 increased by 26%.

Germany, often regarded as Europe’s economic powerhouse, has experienced two decades of consistent growth. However, its economic performance is currently showing signs of decline. The ongoing labour issues have impacted everything.

Germany is facing a significant economic challenge in its economy, as highlighted by German Economy Minister Robert Habeck. He revealed that there are approximately 700,000 job vacancies across various sectors in the country. This is concerning, especially considering that Germany’s economic growth potential has declined from around 2% in the 1980s to a mere 0.7%. Addressing this issue quickly could potentially reduce the growth potential to 0.5%.

Official estimates predict that as Germany’s society continues to age, it will face a shortage of seven million skilled workers by 2035.

In order to strengthen its industries, Germany is currently seeking to attract international students, with a particular focus on Indian students.

Germany has recently made a change to the work hours of international students. 
Germany has recently implemented the Skilled Immigration Act, which has extended the permitted working hours for international students to 20 hours per week.

The state’s goal is to not only attract skilled individuals, but also cultivate a pipeline of talent for the workforce by providing opportunities to international students.

Two Indian students were eager to work while studying in Germany. 

“Having the appropriate skills and certification can greatly improve one’s quality of life, especially when accompanied by a satisfactory salary.” “There are also options for permanent residency,” mentioned Namit, an Indian student residing in Germany. 

A student named Mohammad Danish, hailing from India, highlighted the high demand for tech and programming positions in Germany, surpassing other industries. Danish, a 25-year-old Danish student, is currently pursuing a degree in mechatronics and robotics in Germany.
Skilled labour shortages are a pressing issue in the hospitality, healthcare, IT, and engineering sectors.

Germany Has Expressed An Interest In Attracting Indian Students To Its Industries.

With a staggering 43,000 students, India boasts the highest number of international students in Germany. 

Ensuring that the German labor market remains appealing to Indian students after they complete their education is critical to bridging Germany’s growing skilled worker shortage.
The majority of Indian students studying at German universities are pursuing engineering degrees, which aligns well with the needs of the European country. Germany’s engineering products have gained worldwide recognition.

Indian students in Germany are highly sought after for their enrollment in IT and engineering courses, making them a crucial demographic for the labour market and addressing the shortage of skilled workers. 

According to Joseph, a 27-year-old PhD student from Kerala, the prospect of uninterrupted work after completing his studies seemed quite promising. Nevertheless, he emphasised the urgency of addressing the situation on the pitch.

Germany is currently experiencing a significant labor shortage, and it is turning to international students for assistance. This presents a great opportunity for Indians who are seeking post-work experience and the chance to obtain permanent residency in a European country.

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