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Want to immigrate to Canada? Here are ways

Canada can be your next port of call. India accounts for sending highest number of immigrants to Canada. According to estimates, number of Indians who became permanent residents in Canada increased from 39,340 in 2016 to 85,585 in 2019.
Data shows close to 100,000 new Canadian permanent residents emigrated from India.
An easy immigration policy allows skilled workers to apply directly for permanent residence if they qualify for a program. Permanent residents in Canada are given the right to live and work anywhere in Canada.
They can access Canadian universal healthcare and social services.
Below are four of the easiest ways for Indian nationals to obtain Canadian permanent residence:

Federal Skilled Worker

The Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) eligibility is for those who have at least one year of skilled work experience.
In 2021 over 50% of all invitations through Express Entry were issued to Indian nationals, mostly under the Federal Skilled Worker stream.

Provincial Nominee Programs

Provincial Nominee Programs, or PNPs is another option. In a land of populations and economies, their immigration programs are unique and designed to fit their economic and demographic needs.
PNPs have become popular option because they can be the best way to Canadian permanent residence.
Reports indicate that out of a total of 232,500 economic immigrants targeted for 2021, 80,800 were reserved for those applying under a Provincial Nominee Program.

Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW)

The province of Quebec runs its own skilled worker immigration program. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSW) is an immigration program operated by the province of Quebec for candidates who have skilled work experience and will be able to make lasting contributions to Quebec’s economy as members of the workforce.
Similar to Express Entry, candidates are ranked using a points system and then certain candidates are invited to apply.

Work Permits / Intra-Company Transfers
Certain Indian nationals may be eligible for a Canadian work permit. Often, a job offer will be required to obtain a work permit. However, one significant exception to this is for intra-company transfers.

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