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Wishing A Special Happy Anniversary To WFY! As The Year Ends You Are Going To Be One

Wishing A Special Happy Anniversary To WFY! As The Year Ends You Are Going To Be One

Wishing A Special Happy Anniversary To WFY! As The Year Ends You Are Going To Be One

It is a double joy for us. At the stroke of midnight, when the entire world will be celebrating the birth of the New Year, WFY magazine will be celebrating its first birthday!

As the year of 2022 is coming to an end, this is a time to reflect and look back as well as look into the future. It appears as if the year has just begun and is almost over; it is difficult to believe because time moves much faster than we anticipated. After surviving the vagaries of natural disasters, pandemics, financial meltdowns, and, of course, the threat perception of a world war looming, it’s clear that we live in a dangerous world. Nothing can lower our will to survive or our spirit of optimism. We grow and flourish in hope and harmony.

Indian Diaspora writers from around the world have kept the WFY magazine alive and vibrant. The important part is that most of them are not professional writers or journalists, but sheer passion drives them to excellence.

The December 2022 edition marks the completion of the first year of WFY magazine’s existence and my tenure as its Editor-in-Chief.

It is indeed a time to reflect and thank the many people who have contributed to the success of WFY Magazine over the past year.

First of all, I want to thank all the members of the WFY family for their diligent and dedicated work, contributing their expertise and quality standards that made the progress of the magazine across the borders win hearts and spread sunshine all over.

I’d like to thank all of our readers for their kind words and applause. It matters to us a lot. We are highly motivated by your encouragement and the increasing readership. The web portal,, is buzzing and active.

The quality of a magazine is dependent on three major contributors: authors, readers, and reviewers. Authors have shown their appreciation for WFY Magazine by submitting content at an unprecedented rate.

We thank all of our contributors and hope that they will continue to choose WFY as their preferred publication destination.

Likewise, our thanks go to the many reviewers from all over the world who helped with high-quality peer review.

Particular thanks also go to the Indian Diaspora Global. Many close ties exist between the magazine and numerous organisations and individuals, notwithstanding the fact that the endeavour is spread across the globe.

The impact factor is on an upward trend and is now almost at the mark of becoming number one.

With sincere thanks and best wishes for the future,

Melwyn Williams,


The WFY Magazine

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