10 Largest Rivers of the World

25th September is celebrated as THE WORLD RIVERS DAY

On World Rivers Day, we honour 10 RIVERS OF THE WORLD


The Amur River is the world's tenth longest river, stretching 2,763 miles.

The Amur begins at a height of 994 feet, making it one of the highest starting points for any river on the planet.

This river serves as a natural border between Russia and China.

It snakes eastward into Russia and empties into the Sea of Okhotsk.


Officially known as River Zaire. It is world's deepest river. It is the second-longest river in Africa and second-largest river in the world by volume.

It feeds the Congo Rainforest


The Parana River, is South America's second-largest river and originates in southern Brazil covering an area of 3030 miles

is one of the world's largest rivers in terms of volume.

Because of its large volume of water, the River Parana has earned the title of "Mother of the Sea."


Also known as Obi, originates from western Siberia and is one of the three great Siberian Rivers which flow into the Arctic Ocean.

This is one of the fastest rivers in the world, with an average water discharge of 12,475 cubic meters per second. 

It is also one of the largest, with its basin covering a total of 2.99 million square kilometers.


Locally known as Huang He in China, this river is often referred to as “the Cradle of Civilization.” 

It gets its name “Yellow River” from the wind-blown silt and sediment it picks up in its flow – which gives it a yellowy appearance. 

It is the second-longest river in China and third-longest in Asia. 

It originates from the Western Chinese Mountains of Bayan Har, and empties into the Bohai Sea in Northern China.


Also spelled “Yenisey”, this is the largest river which feeds the Arctic Ocean, covering a total of 2.5 million square kilometers.

It is one of the three great rivers of Siberia and originates from Mongolia.

The largest section flows through Siberia and empties into the Kara Sea.


It is the largest river system in North America and ranks 10th in the world interms of volume.

It originates in Canada, flows southwards through the US and empties into the Gulf of Mexico. 

It flows through 8 US states i.e. Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

It has dozens of tributaries which stretch into 31 US states as well as 2 Canadian provinces.


It is one of the largest in the world by discharge volume and the longest river in Asia, measuring a total 3,915 miles. 

It originates in the Tibetan Plateau and is also Known as the Yangzi or Chan Jiang.

It originates in the Tibet Plateau and flows through southwest, central and eastern china, before emptying into the East China Sea.

It has great importance in the history and economy of china. One-third of China’s total population inhabits the It’s basin


In terms of water volume, it is considered as the largest river in the world.

It is the most powerful and second-largest river in the world.

It accounts for one-fifth of the total river water flow in the world. 

It originates in the Andes Mountains in Peru. It flows through 6 countries including Ecuador, Guyana, Bolivia, Venezuela, Columbia and Brazil, before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean. 


Nile is without a doubt the longest river in the world, measuring 4,132 miles.

It drains almost 10% of the African continent across 9 countries, before emptying into the Mediterranean Sea.

It has two tributaries, The White and Blue Nile.

The White and Blue Nile meet up in Sudan, join and flow together through Egypt and into the Mediterranean Sea.