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A New Hope: The Indian-Origin People Want To Be Indian As Well

Dual citizenship can benefit the country, says MP Giridhari Yadav, who appreciates the effort.

At the consultation conference, MPs discussed their opinions on dual citizenship.

  • At Indian Diaspora Global’s “Keep the Door Open” conference, MPs explored various aspects of granting dual citizenship in India to Indian-origin people.
  • Demand for dual citizenship among the global Indian diaspora

New Delhi, January 16, 2024:

The Indian Diaspora Global, an organization of Indian-origin people, has launched a “Keep the Door Open” campaign to lobby for dual citizenship for the Indian diaspora all over the world. The campaign aims to address the problems that Indian migrants encounter when obtaining citizenship in another nation, which forces them to relinquish their Indian citizenship owing to present restrictions. On Tuesday, Indian Diaspora Global hosted a consultation session at the Constitutional Club of India in Delhi to delve into the legal, constitutional, social, cultural, economic, and legislative elements of dual citizenship in India.

Shri Giridhari Yadav, MP for Banka in the Lok Sabha, was the chief guest at the consultation conference. Meanwhile, the founder and chairman of the Indian Diaspora Global, Mr. Melwyn Williams, the Mahamandaleshwar and national president of Shri Guru Ravidas Vishwa Mahapeeth Bharat, Shri Suresh Rathore, Indian Diaspora Global Country Head Advocate Shaju Francis, senior journalist and program moderator Mr. Vinay Kumar, and Shri Mannu Singh Tomar were in attendance.

Chief Guest Shri Giridhari Yadav stated that dual citizenship could be advantageous to India. He mentioned that many industrialized countries, including the United States, have dual citizenship. He also suggested that India adopt dual citizenship, which would allow Indian migrants to maintain ties to India even if they lived in another nation.

Melwyn Williams, founder and chairman of Indian Diaspora Global, stated that dual citizenship would help Indian migrants stay linked to their roots. He stated that many Indian migrants who relocate abroad for school or employment eventually become citizens of their new nations. This could result in a loss of talent and investment in India. Dual citizenship would help to avoid this by allowing Indian migrants to retain their Indian citizenship.

Sri Guru Ravidas Vishwa Mahapeeth Bharat’s Mahamandaleshwar, along with National President and MLA Suresh Rathore, stated, “Dual citizenship is a difficult matter. In this instance, a person would become a minister in both the Pakistani and Indian governments, which is impossible.” The government should think about this.”

Vinay Kumar, a senior journalist and event moderator, stated, “We all know the power of the Indian diaspora. He described it as a pressing issue, saying that whether it was the Prime Minister’s foreign visit or any other event, we had all witnessed the power of the Indian diaspora. Dual citizenship is a controversial topic in India. Today, a woman of Indian descent serves as Vice President of the United States; the Indian diaspora’s power grows over time.
Mannu Singh Tomar stated, “Dual citizenship is a critical issue, and we will all work together to advance this demand.” This is a critical issue for crores of individuals of Indian heritage residing overseas.”

While presenting a vote of gratitude, Indian Diaspora Global Country Head Advocate Shaju Francis stated, “Article 9 of the Citizenship Act has been ignored in terms of dual citizenship.” According to this provision, anytime an Indian citizen gains citizenship in another nation, they lose their Indian citizenship. Meanwhile, in Germany, whenever someone willingly gets citizenship in another nation, the government advises him.”

It is worth noting that this consultation conference provided a forum for MPs to debate their opinions on dual citizenship. The show addressed the global trend of dual citizenship and its positive influence on individuals’ economic, educational, and cultural well-being. During the event, Indian-origin writers and individuals from various walks of life and across the globe were honoured for their contributions to the community.

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