WFY Campaigns


WFY Magazine and Portal is partnered with “Indian Diaspora Global” and has initiated the campaign titled “Keep The Door Open,” seeking “Dual Citizenship” in India for the Indian Diaspora spread across the globe.

4.5 lakh Indians chose foreign citizenship between 2014 and 2017. The trend will only increase as more nations grant easy citizenship in return for money and investments.

The Indian government is not granting dual citizenship to such Indians. Dual citizenship is available in 85 nations worldwide.

A person with dual citizenship is able to work in both countries, and he or she can decide for themselves which country offers the better job prospects. Additionally, individuals who hold two citizenships can aid in the transfer of a nation’s culture and environment to another. People with dual citizenship are able to hold property and exercise their rights in both nations.


Most of the countries worldwide are allowing dual citizenship these days as people have spread their wings internationally and set up bases in many countries.

The migrants from India, especially from the states of Punjab, Haryana, Bihar, and southern states, have a huge impact in this regard. Those who leave India in search of employment end up naturalising themselves in the countries where they reside and work. The India in them will never cease to exist, but unfortunately, as India does not allow dual citizenship, they have to give up their Indian citizenship in case they become citizens of another country.

Back home, these people have elderly parents, relatives, and ancestral lands. This has been a huge area of concern for the new immigrants. Also, we should try to reach out to people of Indian origin whose parents or great-grandparents were from India and connect them to their roots.

Let us not close the doors when our children leave for work or in search of a better life. Instead, let us keep it open for them to come back anytime.

Let’s make this campaign successful and bring our brothers and sisters back home.

YOU can Join here to make a difference in the lives of millions of Indian diaspora spread across the globe.