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Better Tips: Why You Need To Skip The Hourly Rates

Skip over hourly rates: Discover why fixed-price-per-page is the catalyst of magazine production you so richly need.

In the busy world of magazine production, finances and deadlines are always a juggling act. When selecting your partner to turning your ideas to pages, which pricing model—hourly/day rate or fixed price per page—leads the way? WFY Writes answers.

Confidence takes centre stage. Imagine knowing just how much each page that sparks into life costs. A fixed price per page eliminates budgeting concerns and allows for precise planning. You can now focus on crafting the next issue’s masterpiece, free from the heart-stopping billing shocks.

The Speed Angels of Excellence: We’re quick and confident. Fixed prices encourage us to simplify procedures, maximise workflows, and release our inner efficiency ninjas. Every second saved for us, as well as for you, results in quicker delivery and happier customers!

Transparency, an infusion with fresh oxygen: The times of wondering where hours went are long gone. Fixed prices offer a window into our world, providing clarity and peace of mind. You work directly with your assigned page production artist to avoid misunderstandings and make sure every pixel reflects your ideas.

What about Upwork and Fiverr fatigue?

In addition to looking for a seasoned magazine production artist you will probably collaborate with for many months or years, both sites charge flat rates, which can be somewhat expensive, particularly for larger assignments. Reaching out directly puts you in touch with a production artist specifically designed to meet your magazine’s demands. Here are additional reasons why you won’t find us on freelance sites:

Reasonably priced—a delightful side effect. Our focus on efficiency drives both cost-effectiveness and speed. For every minute saved, a penny (or pound!) translates into competitive prices that maximise impact. Your budget beams, and your publication shines.

The next time you succumb to the hourly siren song, remember that fixed-price-per-page is the secret weapon for a seamless, economical, and effective magazine production process. What less should you settle for?

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