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Exclusive : Know About The Indian Visa From Sweden And Australia

Indian Visa: Sweden
In 2014, the Indian government introduced the Electronic Travel Authorization System, which made it possible for travellers from 169 nations to apply for an Indian e-Visa with ease. Swedish nationals and residents can enter India and travel there for leisure, business, and other purposes with the official Indian e-Visa. Depending on why they are travelling, Swedish nationals can also apply for various kinds of Indian e-Visas. All foreign nationals visiting India are required by the Indian government to apply for an Indian visa prior to their arrival. Swedish visitors may apply for an Indian Tourist eVisa if their trip is for tourism. The duration of the Indian Tourist e-Visa is ninety days.

The E-Business Visa is intended for individuals who intend to do business or commerce in India; nevertheless, it should be noted that this form of visa is not permitted for employment-related purposes. With numerous entrances allowed beforehand, the term is 365 days from the date of issuance, with a 180-day maximum stay per stay. If you need to travel to India for medical care, including yoga and physical therapy, you will need to obtain an electronic medical visa. You can enter India three times and remain for a maximum of sixty days with this kind of e-Visa. For visitors coming to the nation with a patient who is receiving medical care there, there is also an e-Visa available for physician assistants.

The India e-Visa application procedure is really easy. Travellers can apply for a visa or submit their documentation without having to deal with the inconvenience of going to a local embassy or consulate because the full application procedure is done online. The applicants will save a great deal of time and effort by receiving their e-Visa by email after completing the quick and easy online application.

• Electronic visas for tourists, businesses, and medical purposes.

    Valid passport: If you already have a passport, check the expiration date. If not, you won’t have any trouble getting one.
    • A digital image of yourself is ideal, preferably taken as recently as possible. It should have a white background, and you shouldn’t make any facial expressions. Simply scan it and upload it when instructed.
    • A full scan of the information page from a passport
    • To get the eVisa in their inbox, they need a working email address.
    • Payment options: In addition to credit or debit cards, PayPal is also a widely accepted method of payment these days.

Indian Visa: Australia
You need a tourist visa in order to enter India. Since 2014, Australian nationals have had the opportunity to apply for an Indian visa online. However, the Indian government has streamlined the Australian Indian visa application procedure in an effort to increase tourism. Similar to most other nations, Australians need to get a visa in order to enter India. Nonetheless, the Indian government has streamlined the application procedure for an Indian visa from Australia in an attempt to increase tourism. With the launch of eVisa, Australians may now apply for an Indian visa from the convenience of their homes.

Australians and nationals of over 169 other countries can now apply for an India eVisa. The Indian government offers tourist visas to Australians that are good for up to ninety days. The eVisa system allows for the online application for a tourist visa. The e-Business Visa has a 365-day validity period and can be used several times, with a 180-day limit on each entrance. e-Medical Visa: This visa permits three entries throughout its 60-day validity period. It’s similar to a visa on arrival in that you don’t need to travel. Applying for an Indian visa for Australian citizens is no longer a difficult procedure. You may apply online for a tourist visa via the eVisa system.

This fully removes the requirement to visit an Indian embassy and schedule an appointment.
What paperwork is required for Australians to obtain an Indian visa?
A current photo of the applicant; a valid passport; and a working email account so they can receive the eVisa in their inbox.
• The eVisa fees can be paid with a debit or credit card.
• Scan of passport personal details • Passport Last Page (if any)

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