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Diaspora happy over Indian govt’s decision to restore long-duration tourist, e-tourist visas

Indian diaspora members in the USA have welcomed restoration of the long-duration tourist and e-tourist visas, which had been suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Indian government has decided to restore old valid long duration (10 years) regular (paper) tourist visas for US nationals with immediate effect. Fresh issue of the regular tourist visas has also been restored for US citizens, India’s Consulate General in New York said in a press note.

The communication further said e-Tourist visas under the three options (one month, one year and five years), which remained suspended since March 2020, shall stand restored.
According to the note, the current scheme of regular Tourist visa/e-Tourist visa (one month stay only) on gratis basis will also continue.
Prem Bhandari, a New York-based social activist, said this will tremendously ease travel for members of the diaspora who had to face several difficulties and challenges due to the suspension of the visas amid the pandemic.
In November 2021, India had given a go-ahead to vaccinated foreign tourists after over one-and-a-half years of restriction due to the Covid-19
Bhandari requested Indian government to restore the already issued and valid multi-year multiple entry tourist visas to ensure ease of travel for tourists.

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