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Indians make a positive influence on the sustainable products and contribute to local business

Indian respondents are the most interested in spending money on items that will have a positive impact on local businesses and communities, with 87 percent always or frequently purchasing sustainable products and 97 percent interested in spending money on items that will have a positive impact on local businesses and communities, the fact revealed by a survey conducted by American Express Trendex. The American Express Trendex is a trend index that examines consumer, small business, and merchant attitudes around spending savings, travel, and other topics. Data is gathered monthly in the US and biannually everywhere in the world, including the UK, Australia, Japan, Medico, Canada, and India. 

According to the study, 98 percent of Indian respondents desire to spend money on things that will aid in developing low-carbon societies around the world. 97 percent believe that all products should be obliged to be environmentally friendly, and 96 percent consider the environment while making purchases. With a rising understanding of the benefits of sustainable products, most Indian people questioned are willing to pay a premium for sustainable items. Increased product availability and a greater awareness of the product benefits are major motivators. Indians polled want corporations to make it easier for them to minimise their carbon footprint, as well they say they will be more loyal to a company or brand that tries to address environmental challenges.

In the survey, most Indian adults are willing to pay a premium for sustainable products, those willing to pay a premium said they would pay at least 10% more for sustainable products, and 29 percent were willing to pay 50%. Most of the Indians polled said that one of their goals for 2022 is to make more sustainable choices when buying clothes, tech products, eating food, and traveling and some of them have already begun shopping at secondhand or consignment stores rather than buying new items to reduce environmental impact. Moreover half of the Indian respondents assess the quantity of plant-based options available at a restaurant when deciding where to eat. In the last year, Indian adults have become more interested in a variety of sustainability subjects, with air pollution and recycling, renewable energy, and climate change gaining the most traction.

Vinod Nair

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