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It’s Interesting to See the Mysterious Power Of ‘Mor Pankh

Morpankh, or peacock feather, is considered very auspicious in Indian culture and is said to be very close to Lord Krishna and Goddess Saraswati. Morpankh’s colourful and vibrant appearance exudes positivity. Morpankh’s vibrance can be harnessed by using or maintaining it properly. Let us elaborate on this using astrology and Vastu.

Keeping a Morpankh broom or a bunch of Morpankh in the temple keeps it fresh and clean. Apart from offering Morpankh to the gods and goddesses in their crowns or dresses, it can also be used to clean the temple. Many people and sadhaks use morpankh to ward off evil eyes and negative energy.


To improve your academic performance, include a message in your books. Morpankh can also be used to decorate the study table, which promotes positivity and increases focus while studying.


To attract abundance and wealth, offer a Morpankh to Lord Krishna and store it in your money locker or wallet. Atra, or non-alcoholic organic perfume, can be applied to Morpankh and then stored in the locker to increase your wealth and fame.

Social connectivity

Decorating your home’s east wall with a customised Morpankh wall hanger will increase your social connectivity, resulting in fame and power.

Rahu and Ketu

Rahu and Ketu are portrayed as serpents. Peacocks are natural enemies of snakes, so it is believed that people with a bad Rahu or Ketu should keep Morpankh around them. It can be concealed in a mobile cover, wallet, or any other manner that suits the individual.


Decorating your home’s entrance (particularly the north-east entrance) with Morpankh keeps negative energies and enemies out. There is a way to make your home entrance resonate with mystical vibrations and attract Devi-Devtas. Collect some soil from where the peacocks dance. Keep the soil in the temple for a while, then tie it to a yellow cloth. Hang that cloth outside your door. This is a highly effective practice that is thought to attract Goddess Lakshmi.


Place Morpankh under your pillow for seven days. Start this on a Monday or Wednesday. Later, discard it in the flowing water. It will remove any negative energy. Alternatively, keep Morpankh in your medicine cabinet or in your home’s North-North-East Zone to improve your health. An expecting mother should keep Morpankh around her to ward off evil eyes and keep her aura positive.

Legal or judicial case Lord Kartikeya, commander of the Devta army, is said to use the peacock as his vehicle. If you are righteous but have legal problems, keeping a Morpankh in your court case files will boost your morale and increase your chances of winning the case.

Disclaimer: Never use a Morpankh obtained by hunting a peacock. Use naturally acquired Morpankh for all of the aforementioned purposes.

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