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Mind-blowing: Madhav Bansal of Delhi obtained a 100 percentile in the JEE Main and is now aiming for IIT Bombay.

Introducing Madhav Bansal, a Delhi native who scored a perfect 100 percentile on the JEE Main.

His remarkable accomplishment, which demonstrates his commitment and academic ability, shows that he has his sights set on IIT Bombay. In the January 2024 JEE Main session, Madhav Bansal accomplished an incredible feat by obtaining a flawless score of 300/300, gaining a 100 percentile.

He put in two years of intense preparation, following a carefully planned study schedule. His dedication encompassed regular mock test participation, diligent practice with JEE sample papers, and persistent revision. Madhav’s outstanding achievement has led him to decide to pursue a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science at IIT Bombay, which will be a major turning point in his academic career.

Early in the eleventh grade, Madhav started studying for the JEE Main. He followed a well-planned study schedule that included regular review of key ideas, extensive problem-solving practice, and numerous mock exams to assess his progress. Additionally, the top scorer on the JEE exam elaborates on the time management technique by saying, “He thoroughly read through all of the questions before beginning to answer them during the exam. He then gave each question a certain amount of time, depending on how difficult it was and how many points it was worth.

A careful eye was kept on the clock to make sure there was enough time to answer every query. Furthermore, simpler questions were answered before moving on to more difficult ones.

Why are preview tests essential?

The JEE topper stressed the importance of practice exams and previous year’s question papers in identifying strengths and shortcomings. “At FIITJEE, mock tests were a consistent component of my preparation all year long.

I began solving the previous year’s exam questions every day as the test date drew near and I assessed my strengths and shortcomings.

This was quite helpful to him in understanding the important ideas that are covered in the exam each year.

He included watching television, playing basketball and table tennis, and spending time with his family as stress relievers in his daily routine.

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