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New: Look Medical Developments International (ASX: MVP) Shareholders Are Up 36% In The Last Week But Are Still Down Over The Last Three Years

However, the last three years have seen a precipitous decline. Indeed, the stock price has fallen by 84% in the last three years. So, it’s encouraging to see some progress. The question to ask is whether the company has truly recovered. While such a drop is undoubtedly painful, money isn’t as important as health and happiness.

On a more positive note, the company’s market cap has increased by AU$23 million in the last 7 days, so let’s see if we can figure out what’s causing the three-year loss for shareholders.

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Given that Medical Developments International did not make a profit in the previous twelve months, we will concentrate on revenue growth to gain a quick understanding of its business development. Unprofitable company shareholders typically anticipate rapid revenue growth. This is because rapid revenue growth can be easily extrapolated to predict large profits.

Medical Developments International increased revenue by 19% per year for three years. That’s a respectable rate of growth. So, it’s difficult to believe that the 23% annual decline in share price is due to revenue. More than likely, the market was alarmed by the price of that revenue. This is why investors should diversify: even if a loss-making company increases revenue, it may fail to deliver for shareholders.

The strength of the balance sheet is critical. It may be worthwhile to read our free report on how its financial position has changed over time.

Taking a Different Approach

Medical Developments International investors had a difficult year, losing 34% against a 15% market gain. Even good stocks’ share prices fall from time to time, but we want to see improvements in a company’s fundamental metrics before we get too excited. Unfortunately, given that it was worse than the annualized loss of 12% over the previous half decade, last year’s performance may indicate unresolved challenges. Long-term share price weakness is generally a bad sign, though contrarian investors may want to research the stock in the hopes of a turnaround. While considering the various effects that market conditions can have on the share price is important, there are other factors that are even more important. Nonetheless, Medical Developments International is displaying two warning signs in our investment analysis, one of which is concerning.

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