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Overall Well-Being Makes Up To Be The Ultimate Prioritiy

Physical and mental health, as well as personal financial management, have emerged as the top priorities for Indian adults in 2024, according to a survey released on Tuesday.

According to research, those who have a mental health problem are more likely to develop a preventable physical health condition, such as heart disease. Many reasons could be the reason, like:  

Genetics: the genes that make you more susceptible to developing a mental health problem may also have a role in physical health problems.

Low motivation: Some mental health conditions or drugs can decrease your energy or motivation to care for yourself.

difficulties with concentration and planning—you may find it difficult to arrange or attend medical appointments if your mental health condition affects your concentration.

Lack of support to change unhealthy behaviour: healthcare professionals may assume you’re not capable of making changes, so they won’t offer any support to cut down on drinking or give up smoking, for example.

being less likely to receive medical help.  

 The Amex Trendex report, published by American Express, is based on a study done in India, Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

It revealed that physical wellbeing (76%) and personal finance (69%) are the most important areas of attention for Indians.

Approximately 80% of Indians intend to spend more on resolutions this year than they did in 2023.

The top resolutions for Indians who prioritise physical wellness include eating healthier (73%), engaging in more outdoor activities (63%), and purchasing a home exercise machine (51%).

Growing savings (81%) and investing more or increasing investments (75%) are the most popular resolutions among Indians with personal financial goals.

“Indians understand what it takes to live a fulfilling life and are committed to holistic well-being,” said Sanjay Khanna, CEO and Country Manager of American Express Banking Corp., India, in a statement.

“This is clearly evident from Amex Trendex, which tracks evolving consumer preferences, including spending, saving, and travelling,” he went on to say.

Furthermore, employed Indians prioritise their mental wellness at work.

Work-life balance, flexible work arrangements, and a supportive work environment have emerged as key determinants of employment happiness.

Approximately 80% of Indians prioritise their mental health at work more now than in past years, with work-life balance (67%), flexible work alternatives (61%), and a supportive work environment (60%) being the top drivers of job satisfaction.

Approximately 78% of Indians report that their workplace provides health and wellness benefits, and 84% are “very likely” to use these benefits by 2024.

A stunning 82% of Indians believe they are considerably more likely to achieve their goals if they are encouraged by their employer.

Indian adults are also looking forward to attending more live sporting events this year.

Approximately 61% of Indians are “much more likely” to attend live sporting events more frequently in 2024 than last year, and 97% are willing to travel to attend a sporting event this year.

And 69% are “very likely” to buy a ticket with exclusive access.

Setting sustainability goals is also a crucial priority for Indians. Among those wanting to make sustainability resolutions, 59% intend to use fewer plastic or single-use products, while 58% intend to improve their household recycling routines.

About 56% of Indians want to change their travel habits, with 66% opting for sustainable accommodations. (IANS)

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