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PM Modi announces special Ayush visa for foreign nationals to take advantage of traditional Indian medicine.

On Wednesday Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a special Ayush visa category for foreign nationals who want to come to India to take advantage of traditional Indian medicines. “This visa, will make travel easier for accessing Ayush therapies in India,” said Modi while speaking at the inaugural session of the Global Ayush investment and innovation summit 2022 in Gandhinagar. The PM added that the cente has an abundance of Initiatives to encourage and promote the Ayush sector, including the establishment of a digital portal to connect medicinal plant farmers with Ayush product manufacturers.

Mauritius PM Pravind Kumar Jugnauth and WHO director-general Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus were present as guests at the event. PM Modi the idea for an Ayush summit came to him last year, “we saw how ayurvedic medicines, Ayush Kada and many such other products were aiding people to increase immunity, during COVID-19 time. Modi added, “be it natural supplements, drug supply chains, Ayush-based diagnostics or a similar medicine, there are possibilities of innovation and investment all around. To encourage startups in the traditional medicine sector, many steps have been taken.” “We will develop a network of Ayush parks to encourage promotion, research, and manufacturing of Ayush products,” said PM.

PM Modi said the government is encouraging the production of herbal and medicinal plants, which can be an avenue of sustainable income and has scope for employment as well. “The market for such plants, however, is limited and specialized. The government is working fast for an e-marketplace that Ayush products with farmers growing medicinal plants,” added Prime Minister Modi.

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