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Ramadan 2024: It’s overwhelming to see how non-Muslims are now participating in the festival.

In the Middle East, Ramadan is unavoidable, so it’s not uncommon for non-Muslims to observe it.

In nations with a majority of Christians, it is different, but that is changing.

Although that may sound odd coming from a devout Muslim, 53-year-old Kholoud Khardoum of Iraq makes no mistake about it.

“Not everything about Ramadan has to do with religion,” the writer from Baghdad stated. “It’s also about the atmosphere and the tradition of people coming together.

Is Ramadan growing in the West?Those stationed there won’t be surprised by the experiences of these three women, since they all reside in nations with a majority of Muslims.

After all, Muslims find it difficult to avoid Christmas in Europe or North America, while non-Muslims find it equally difficult to ignore Ramadan.Nonetheless, nations with a majority of Christians are likewise gradually elevating Ramadan to a more prominent holiday.

The first major European city to use Ramadan lights to adorn a major roadway was London last year.

This year, Frankfurt am Main became the first major German city to install Ramadan illumination, following London’s lead.The prominence of the Muslim holy month has increased due to the business influence of Ramadan.

During Ramadan, Muslims spend extra money on food, clothing, presents, and even cars. Ramadan 2023 spending was over $60 billion (€55 billion) in the Middle East alone. Ramadan advertisements have evolved and expanded, and they probably convey a message to audiences outside of their intended demographic.It can be a matter of belonging for Muslims who are raised in a culture where Christianity predominates.”

In a sense, acknowledging the festival’s presence in public space signifies that Ramadan is an integral aspect of society.“And for non-Muslims, it can be about managing and celebrating diversity.” “ We see that diversity actually supports a thriving and vibrant, and typically more just, society when we have diverse societies.

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