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Tech now : Mobile gaming the future of E-sports?

When we discuss e-sports, we typically refer to video games played on PCs or sometimes gaming consoles at the highest professional level.

However, in the gaming industry these days, one device in particular stands out in terms of user engagement and revenue generation: smartphones. What is the problem with these mobile esports, then? Is it possible that the biggest game industry events could soon be streamed on smartphones?

Is this platform simply unfit for playing games at the highest level of difficulty possible? This post will address your queries if you enjoy playing mobile games and would like to learn more about the smartphone e-sports industry.

The absence of any technical limitations may, first and foremost, keep smartphone games from ever taking up major esports competitions.

The servers that run computer games and smartphone games are comparatively similar in terms of design and functionality. This suggests that official match data is as easily obtained from smartphone games as it is from a computer or gaming console.

It Is theoretically possible for any e-sports data supplier to receive mobile gaming data. Then, with the use of this data, betting markets may be calculated, spectator experiences enhanced, and player and team performance analyses could be aided.

There’s no reason why smartphone e-sports, with fair competition and a loyal following, couldn’t be a huge success.

What then is the issue?

A few years ago, the argument that no game was suited for e-sports could have been made if this topic had been discussed. The majority of smartphone games were made to be played casually, in bed when you can’t sleep, or during long commutes.

However, games like PUBG Mobile, League of Legends, Arena of Valor, Clash of Clans, and Mobile Legends are starting to leave their mark. In addition, Garena Free Fire’s peak viewing audience in 2021 was the greatest of any e-sports competition. Chinese viewers are not included in the viewer count.

In 2022, a number of well-known and highly capable mobile games will have great potential for esports. This proves that gamers still take pleasure in competing while using their smartphones.

The only things that are truly required to push smartphone e-sports to the forefront of the industry are competence and publicity, given that technology concerns have been handled and competitive games are becoming more and more popular. Game developers seldom design titles that are compatible with e-sports and have a long lifespan. Because gamers do not yet see their smartphone as a platform for intensely competitive gaming, the majority of mobile games are created with the typical casual player base in mind.

What is the ultimate decision, then?

For an esports game to become a global sensation, only one is required. The only thing that can spur the mobile gaming business is one game from a young studio keen to go into esports, and that too at the perfect time, winning over esports fans all over the world.

Not that the “one” mobile game isn’t already out there; rather, it’s more likely that a global esports mobile game will launch sooner rather than later.

Shall we hope for the best?

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