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The Amazing Four Prominent Women Honoured This Year

Every year on March 8, people celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD), a day that serves as a focal point for the women’s rights movement.

The first documented instance was a “Women’s Day” held in New York City on February 28, 1909, and sponsored by the Socialist Party of America. German delegates to the 1910 International Socialist Women’s Conference were motivated by this to suggest that “a special Women’s Day” be observed every year, though there would be no defined date for it. The first International Women’s Day protests and celebrations took place throughout Europe the following year. IWD was declared a national holiday on March 8 following the Russian Revolution in 1917; the socialist movement and communist nations subsequently observed the holiday on that day. The United Nations began promoting the holiday in 1977, and it quickly gained popularity throughout the world.

In many nations, International Women’s Day is observed as a public holiday. The holiday is observed by the UN in relation to a specific women’s rights problem, campaign, or theme.

On International Women’s Day, four well-known Indian and Indian-American women were recognised for their accomplishments and social contributions in this venue.
At the sixth annual International Women’s Day commemoration event, which was organised by the Federation of Indian Associations and the Consulate General of India in New York, the honorees included Maharani Radhikaraje Gaekwad, Neena Singh, Dr. Indu Lew, and Megha Desai.
The FIA stated in a release that Gaekwad is a visionary dedicated to humanitarian work that empowers communities and education.

Singh, who is well-known for her commitment to mental health and community involvement, is the first Indian and Sikh woman to serve as mayor of New Jersey.
Lew showed remarkable leadership in the healthcare industry as he ascended from a clinical chemist to become the Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff at RWJBarnabas Health.

According to the press release, Desai is the President of the Desai Foundation, whose mission is to enhance the livelihood, health, and menstrual equity of women and children in rural India.

By honouring the noteworthy contributions made by four exceptional women in a variety of disciplines and reaffirming the need for empowerment and acknowledgment, the event honoured the accomplishments of these women. FIA President Dr. Avinash Gupta and Consul General of India in New York Binaya Pradhan addressed the crowd at the Consulate on Friday, celebrating the spirit of International Women’s Day and praising the recipients’ contributions. They also recognised the critical role that women play in society and the noteworthy progress made in India towards women’s empowerment.
A proclamation and trophy were given to each recipient to commemorate their exceptional accomplishments and efforts.

One of the top diaspora organisations in the US is FIA, which is committed to strengthening relationships between cultures and fighting for the rights and interests of the Indian community.

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