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Resolutions are made… not to follow,

Reservation cannot be made lest tomorrow is not yours,

Rear view is the past… and

Reciprocal will be the present.

I know what I have given you,

I do not know what you have received,

I am not bound to win, but

I am bound to do my best!

Are you afraid to say who you are?

Are you fashioned and designed the way you want to be?

Are you bold enough to say who you really are?

Are you the horse or the charioteer?

The New Year is a new beginning,

The rein must be in your hand,

The mind must be under control, and

The focus must be your goal!

Tame the mad horse of your thoughts,

Treat your wounds with virtues for inner peace,

Try the magic of vanishing act of the past,

Trust in your confidence above all.

For think not… about the year passed,

For ward you look, what the New Year brings!

Briji KT

BRIJI. KT. is an Author and Artist. She was born in Kerala ,educated in Chandigarh and Jamnagar and now settled in Bangalore. She has authored books in Malayalam and English by reputed publishers ,Kerala gov. institute for childrens literature and Amazone. She has won awards for writing, including women achievers award for the year 2020. Conducted several painting exhibitions .

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