The World Is Burdened With Misery, Evil, And Greed. Be The Love And Hope.

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As we welcome the month of August, it brings with it a sense of pride and unity as we celebrate the achievements and contributions of the Indian diaspora across the globe. The WFY Magazine is once again honoured to present another edition.

In this edition, we delve into the inspiring journeys of Indian diaspora members who have made significant strides in their respective domains, leaving an indelible mark on the world. From pioneering entrepreneurs to ground-breaking artists, their stories serve as a testament to the resilience and determination that define our community.

We also take a closer look at the current affairs shaping our world today, exploring the latest developments in politics, economy, culture, and technology that are impacting the lives of Indians and the diaspora alike. It is crucial for us to stay informed and engaged as our global network continues to grow and evolve.

Emmanuel Macron’s visit to the Pacific Islands highlights France’s ambitions in the region, offering opportunities for collaboration with India.

France’s historical ties to the Pacific islands and the Indian diaspora in countries like Fiji, New Delhi, and Paris can offer the islands an alternative development model to China’s predatory practises, particularly in infrastructure, healthcare, and IT. France’s significant maritime domain in the Indo-Pacific, along with India’s engagement, can provide an alternative development model to China’s predatory practises. India-France defence relations can also enhance regional security. Both countries can champion a non-big-power platform in the evolving geopolitical entity of the Indo-Pacific, countering China’s hegemony with a sophisticated approach.

The ongoing monsoon has caused significant damage in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. However, much of this destruction has been accumulating for decades. To save Mussoorie from additional damage caused by real estate development and tourism, the NGT has ordered the Dhami government to put 19 recommendations into action. This approach should extend to the entire region. Regulating tourist numbers, charging fees for waste management, and monitoring construction activities are essential steps. The challenge lies in prioritising the mountains’ interests over other competing concerns, requiring strong political will from the central and state governments. The area’s vulnerability to extreme weather events necessitates responsible planning and sustainable tourism to ensure a safe and attractive environment for travellers.

Since May 3, violence in Manipur has displaced tens of thousands. The Biren Singh administration’s inability to restore law and order puts the entire Northeast at risk. A viral video of sexual violence against tribal women in Manipur sparked fears of a backlash among Meiteis in Mizoram. The Zoramthanga administration handled the situation calmly. Meanwhile, more atrocities are emerging from numerous FIRs in Manipur. A thorough investigation is essential, and the GOI must ensure sincere prosecution. The Manipur crisis can trigger problems across the Northeast, with the refugee influx impacting land resources and interstate disputes. The GOI needs to address these issues proactively to maintain peace in the border region.

After two and a half months, a video surfaced showing a mob parading two tribal women naked in Manipur. The incident highlights the state’s inaction and violence. The police took notice only after the video went viral on social media, raising questions about their response. The victims were originally under police protection but were still subjected to brutal attacks. The weaponization of ethnic divisions has worsened in the past few months, demanding immediate action from the authorities to prevent further escalation. The guilty must be punished, and the government should ensure accountability for the delay in investigation and police action. Women’s safety depends on strict implementation of the law and addressing all sexual violence cases promptly.

The Manipur crisis has brought attention to the region’s contested histories. While these historical narratives are fascinating, applying them to the current crisis can worsen the situation. History should not be the measuring scale to deal with today’s problems and crimes, and it shall never be judged on that scale. Nostalgia for empires has led to problems in various countries, such as Brexit in the UK and cultural conflicts in the US. Balance is crucial; while nostalgia can support communities, dwelling on the past can hinder progress. Instead, focusing on the future and addressing present issues is essential for healing and peace.

Mizoram recently witnessed its largest-ever rally since its establishment in 1986, with an impressive 97,350 participants. This show of solidarity was in support of their fellow citizens in Manipur. The state’s youthful population, united by a shared language, is an advantage in times of crisis. The Central Young Mizo Association (CYMA) and social media have played vital roles in fostering a strong sense of unity, enabling rapid information dissemination, and supporting mobilisation when needed.

In these times of uncertainty, the power of community and solidarity becomes more evident than ever. As we stand united in our efforts to navigate the challenges of the present and the future, the stories of triumph and resilience showcased in this magazine serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for us all.

At WFY, we are committed to providing a platform that not only celebrates the achievements of our diaspora but also fosters meaningful conversations and connections. We invite you, our readers, to actively participate in this journey of exploration and empowerment.

We acknowledge that our community’s success is built on the values of hard work, compassion, and cultural heritage. Together, we continue to build bridges of understanding and forge partnerships that enrich our lives and contribute to the progress of nations.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the contributors, writers, and team members who have made this edition possible. Your dedication to bringing these stories to life is truly commendable.

We hope you enjoy reading this August edition of WFY Magazine and that it leaves you inspired and engaged with the dynamic world of the Indian diaspora. Let us continue to celebrate our shared heritage and achievements as we look forward to the promise of a brighter future together.

With warm regards,

Melwyn Williams

Editor-in-chief, WFY Magazine

Melwyn Williams

Melwyn is a renowned film actor, producer, writer and director in the Indian film Industry. He is a writer as well as a journalist. He has contributed immensely to the world of art, literature and cinema. He is the founder of LADAKH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, LIFF. He has been active in the film industry for more than two decades. Melwyn believes that AESTHETICS is the next big thing to be incorporated in all spheres of life and technology. Website

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