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G20: This Is The Travel Guide For New Delhi

The G20 Summit, which takes place in New Delhi from September 9 to 10, has attracted attention from around the globe. However, it has also created a problem for Delhi residents, who must deal with traffic jams and limits on their freedom of movement because of the summit’s high-level security precautions.

The Delhi Police has advised using Mappl’s MapMyIndia app, a satellite-based navigation tool that offers real-time data on traffic conditions and road closures, to help commuters move around the city without incident. An organisation called Mappl, which has its headquarters in India, provides navigational aids and extremely detailed maps.

Some public transport options may not operate as usual from September 8 to September 10, and some routes may be closed or detoured for safety reasons. On the routes in and around the New Delhi district, traffic will be controlled.

Due to traffic limitations, commuters may have longer travel times. Due to the tight security measures in place in the New Delhi area, using metro services may be your best bet if you have weekend travel plans. Entry of both private and commercial vehicles into the New Delhi area would be prohibited.

On September 8 through 10, Delhi Metro services will begin at 4 a.m. from network terminal stations on all lines. From September 8 to September 10, all Metro stations will be accessible to the general public, with the exception of the Supreme Court Metro Station, which is the one closest to Pragati Maidan, the location of the major summit.

Due to security concerns, no passengers will be able to board or disembark at Supreme Court Metro Station on September 9 or 10.

From 5 a.m. on September 8 to 11:59 p.m. on September 10, the entire New Delhi district will be regarded as a “controlled zone.”

While three-seater taxis and rickshaws will be permitted on routes outside the New Delhi District, taxis carrying passengers into the New Delhi District will need to have the appropriate passes or hotel reservation information. Residents, authorised vehicles, and providers of essential services are required to have identification on hand, while travellers and passengers who have reservations at hotels inside the New Delhi District are required to have valid hotel reservation information.

In addition, from 5 a.m. on September 8 to 11:59 p.m. on September 10, the entire region inside Ring Road (Mahatma Gandhi Marg) will be regarded as a “regulated one.”

The Ring Road and the network of roads that extend beyond the Ring Road in the direction of Delhi’s borders would be open to existing commercial vehicles and buses. In order to avoid delays during the next three days, passengers are advised to follow the Delhi Police’s recommended routes to the airport and train terminals.

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