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When Turned Into Soil

In the eyes that are planted to the people

Through the windows of the democracy

Views are not clear because of the water rushThrobbing by chest pain

Unaccountable for the death of the thief

who stole a handful of food at the call of hunger

They put their hands in the pocket of the stiff-necked one

A leap of the savage spirit singing spiritual rhythms

Love that hangs broken in the branches of acting

Fell down in the time of wind

Into the frying pan of grudge and moaningThe smell bursts the nostrils

Mother’s holy name on the seashore

head banging on the rocks

Poison in the umbilical cordTo the mouth of the child in the belly of the mother

Entrenched Relationships of Cheating

Thrives on the banks of sorrow

Red desires burnt in 

to the kiss of raw flesh

Human gods are playing with ordinary human emotions

are making man like a fox

Gods engraved in black stoneare smelling of blood

Money weighs more than love

Brothers and sisters 

Scattered in the forest of feuds

They stray and becomes a wanderer

Like the broken pots at Potter’s shed

When they destroyed the country with a perverted mind

After that when they enter the forest to clear the forest

Then wildlife is coming to the country

Beastly fighters for animals

Companions are tied to the pillar of amnesia

Compassion burns in the moral ashes

And (evil) honour killings settle the dunes

Without achieving anything at the end

of running to get something

Tomorrow we will turn into a handful of soil,Why don’t all think that?

Sindhu Gatha

Sindhu who has taken up a pen name ‘Gatha” for herself, writes for online and offline Indian publications. Sindhu is an executive member of Artist Club International. She represents Bengaluru zone as an executive member for Creative Women. She dons multiple hats as, chief editor of Kids magazine Champaykka and a member of the editorial panel of KAMA. Sindhu is the Editor of Kavyakalika and Editor of Sargam e-magazine. She is also one of the editors of Sarggajalakam by United Writers, Bangalore. She is a member of editorial panel of Srishti printed magazine. She has been awarded the first prize of Suma Mohan Memorial poem writing competition, Kollengode Ashrayam College organized general writing and Mundur Krishnankutty Memorial Story Award for the year 2021 instituted by Vyaparakeralam.

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